ARC Stake partners Vampires, supporting a national blood donation platform

Action is needed in many fields of our existence, to bring relief and a positive influence, and the blockchain through the NFT sector has the power to do it. We believe that the amazing world of NFTs can and should serve to change the world around us for the better, as the Aquaverse, Strămoși or Reheart collections have done so far. For this reason, we welcome the “Vampires” initiative and place ourselves as partners in this bold, lifesaving project!


About the Vampires project


The project intends to create and support a national Web3 blood donation platform. It will stimulate the multiplication of the number of blood donors, but also the intelligent connection of donors and blood resources with patients and people in need. All this will be implemented through the Vampires and Villagers NFTs, but also the $BLOOD token. Plans are to expand the platform internationally over time.


The $BLOOD token


The $BLOOD token connects the platform modules, donors, and blood donations in a network capable of effectively helping people who need blood.

  • All donors who offer blood through the platform will receive a significant amount of $BLOOD, which can be used within the Vampires ecosystem or can be traded or sold. The $BLOOD token represents an incentive for multiplying the number of donors, but also for increasing the number of blood donations per donor.
  • Another utility of the $BLOOD token is to “feed” the Vampires and keep them awake, which increases their value as epochs pass by. The feeding process is automatic, via Smart Contract, and all that needs to be done is to ensure a permanent reserve of $BLOOD, which can also be purchased.
  • By buying the $BLOOD token, you directly support blood donation campaigns, educational programs, and raising awareness of this humanitarian act.




Vampires are a dynamic collection of 10,000 NFTs, which can have two possible states: awake and dormant. They are permanently hungry and need to consume 1 $BLOOD each epoch to stay awake. If the condition is not met, they will become dormant and can only be awakened by sacrificing a Villager. As more “awake” epochs accumulate, Vampires will have more benefits for their holders. An interesting thing is that the more Vampires will have the “dormant” state, the awake ones will have an exclusivist higher value.


The Villagers


Villagers are a set of 20,000 NFTs, having the utility of awakening “sleeping” Vampires or randomly becoming Vampires. A Villager can be used to awaken a dormant Vampire, ensuring its “awake” state for 20 days. When you sacrifice a Villager, it can become a simple snack for the Vampire or, by chance, it can become itself a Vampire.


The blood donation paradigm shift


The Vampires project aims to enrich the outdated national blood donation system with an intelligent alternative platform. It will contribute to the increase of the number of donors by offering attractive incentives and will ensure constant blood donation. New technologies, such as blockchain and AI, will make it possible to decentralize this medical service and make blood accessible to all the people in need.


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