ARC Stake MultiversX Public API

1. Overview

Interacting with the MultiversX blockchain is done via Observers in different shards. The complexity of deciding where to send transactions when it comes to sending/receiving eGLD and interacting with a SmartContract was simplified by the MultiversX Team with the delivery of a Proxy Application. We’ve deployed such an instance for the MainNet on our infrastructure to support the MultiversX Builders community and to sustain the #hypergrowth of the network.

2. ARC Stake MultiversX API Architecture

The ARC Stake MultiversX API infrastructure is deployed across multiple servers to provide additional performance and redundancy through our load balancer. The figure below would describe the high level architecture for the API:

3. Elrond Proxy Architecture

In the figure above:

  1. The MultiversX Network – consists of Nodes grouped within Shards. Some of these Nodes are Observers.
  2. One or more instances of the MultiversX Proxy – connect to Observer Nodes in order to forward incoming requests to the Network and to query state within the Blockchain.
  3. The Client Applications connect to the Network through the MultiversX Proxy. Is is also possible for client applications to talk directly to Observer and Validator Nodes.

4. Access Details

Quick Test GET Request:
Rate Limits: 1000 requests / second

5. Additional Resources

REST API Documentation :
Official MultiversX Proxy Documentation:
Official MultiversX Proxy GitHub Repository:

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