ARC Stake Elrond Wallet

1. Overview

The objective for developing the ARC Stake Elrond Wallet was to provide another entry to the Elrond Blockchain and to help onboarding the next billion of people that are going to use Elrond eGLD.

2. Features

  • Send and Receive eGLD
  • Export Transactions Lists
  • Delegate with ARC Stake
  • Interact with future ARCStake Products & Services

3. Security

The ARC Stake Elrond Wallet incorporates the highest security standards, in order to provide a safe way of accessing your eGLD funds.

  1. Content Security Policy – is an added layer of security, that helps to detect and mitigate certain types of attacks, including Cross Site Scripting (XSS) and data injection attacks. Deployment of CSP across our WebWallet ensures that only the wallet’s authorized JavaScript files are able to run in your browser.
  2. HTTPS – Data sent to and from your browser to/from the Web Wallet is encrypted using the most secure SSL v3 ciphers.
  3. Password Policy – all the actions performed in the Wallet that require your password do not save it for later use. In combination with the CSP, this ensures that no attacker is able to read the password that you use for logging in and sign transactions.
  4. Elrond JavaScript SDK – the Wallet is developed using Elrond’s secure JavaScript SDK. We are regularly updating the SDK, to make sure no security vulnerability exists inside the Elrond JavaScript SDK.


  1. Never share your keystore files with anyone.
  2. Never save your password in the browser. The Wallet markup language is updated to prevent the browsers on asking you to save the password, but some browsers may ask you to that, so make sure you’re not allowing the browsers to save your password and that you keep your password in a safe place.
  3. Access your wallet from a secure computer, that is up to date with the latest security patches and runs a good antivirus solution.
  4. Use the latest versions of modern browsers, e.g. Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera.

4. Access Details

Wallet URL:

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