The MultiversX Conference in Craiova

We are very excited to announce that ARC Academy will participate as co-organizer and featured project at the “Introduction to Blockchain and MultiversX Conference” in Craiova, from April 1, 2023!

The main organizer of the event is the Seed Captain team from Craiova, founder of the project incubator on MultiversX with the same name. On this way we want to thank this extraordinary team, who made possible the realization of the large-scale national blockchain event!

The conference will take place at the Hotel Ramada Plaza by Wyndham Craiova, where the local business community will not be missing. The event will start at 1000 and will be streamed live on the ARC Stake Youtube channel.


The motivation behind the idea


The Craiova conference aims to increase awareness of the applicability of blockchain in everyday life and implicitly increase adoption, by exposing some basic information in this field to socially influential actors, such as businessmen, entrepreneurs, executives, and opinion leaders.

It will bring together blockchain-related projects that have tangents to fields such as education, artificial intelligence, finance, computer games, art, medicine, trading, charity and law, precisely to show everyone that blockchain can have vast, positive implications in our lives!


Conference agenda


The following speakers, leaders of successful projects in the MultiversX network, will participate in the event with thematic speeches:

  1. Alex Radu (Business Manager at MultiversX) – Alex holds bachelor’s degrees in finance and technology and is responsible for the start-up incubation program and the development of key partnerships.
  2. Vasile Radu (CEO of ARC Stake and ARC Academy) – The passion and experience of over 20 years for information technology, together with pedagogical studies, gives Vasile the necessary assets to explain blockchain concepts in detail and in a way that everyone can understand.
  3. Călin B. (founder of “Investește memorabil”) – With over 16 years of experience in classic financial markets and 5 years in crypto, Calin is a complete investor and trader.
  4. Sergi Valero (CEO of Moonlorian) – He has extensive experience in integrating Web2 businesses into the blockchain ecosystem and is experienced in creating tools and smart contracts that are essential to any project.
  5. Răzvan Stătescu (founder of GiantsVillage, Coindrip and xDevHub) – With a deep passion for open-source initiatives, Răzvan is committed to using his technical expertise to help build cutting-edge innovative solutions that push the boundaries of what may.
  6. George Vlad aka Mister Spread (founder of Paradigm Shift) – With over 12 years of experience in the classic markets and 3 years in the crypto space, he is very competent in trading and investing.
  7. Ovidiu Damian (Project Lead Itheum) – He has everything – from smart contracts and user interfaces to architecture design.
  8. Marius Răcășan (CEO of Popu Games, “The Cursed Land”) – Marius has over 8 years of experience in video game development.
  9. Ștefan Eduard Ionuț (CEO of Reheart) – He is the CEO of GESP IT SOLUTIONS, a company specialized in the development of software applications, games, mobile applications, and web development. Eduard is involved in several charitable initiatives that use blockchain technology to support a variety of causes.
  10. Alex Jilavu ​​(Buildy Co-Founder) – Alex is a well-versed software engineer with extensive experience in both Web2 and blockchain technologies.
  11. Cristian Mogodici (CEO of Zaia A.I.) – In recent years, Cristian has focused on the development of new AI models in pathological diagnosis.
  12. Marius Morra (CEO of Tokero) – He is an entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience, both in consulting for accessing European funds and in the crypto industry.
  13. Eddie Nuță (CEO of Valid Blocks) – Eddie is a well-known figure in the MultiversX community for his work helping to recover funds in case of scams.
  14. Cornelia Nițu (founder of N & C Consulting) – With over 27 years of experience in business and management consulting, Cornelia is a true expert in her field. Cornelia Nițu is a doctor in economics and finance, accountant, and tax consultant, in business and management, coach, teacher, trainer and speaker.
  15. Ștefan Tănase (senior consultant in crypto accounting at Jasill Accounting Business) – His work focuses on the implementation of tax policies and their integration in the blockchain field. He has extensive experience in cryptocurrency issuance and trading.
  16. Sergiu Traian Vasilescu (founder of VD Law Group) – Educated in an entrepreneurial spirit at Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, Sergiu is highly skilled in anticipating potential interdisciplinary risks, regulatory and technical issues.

In addition to the moments reserved for the speakers, the conference will also include four panels with topics of discussion on education in the field of blockchain technology, the launch of projects on MultiversX, the legislative framework in the crypto sphere and the role of developers in the growth of the ecosystem. Projects such as Entity Finance, CLAPART and will join the discussion panels.

After the conference, interested parties can attend a networking party at a select location. The purpose of the party is to create connections and relationships in a more relaxed atmosphere. Attendees can expect a lively atmosphere and plenty of opportunities to network and socialize with other new tech professionals and enthusiasts.


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