ARC Stake gets more involved in Romanian ART by signing a partnership with CLAPART!

We are happy to announce that ARC Stake will be more actively involved in the artistic life in Romania, signing a collaboration contract with a company that deals with dozens of outstanding artists: CLAPART! The collaboration between ARC Stake and CLAPART will be very close at the educational level, the organization of live and online events, the launch of products and services on the blockchain that will be disclosed soon, and finally marketing!




CLAPART is a decentralized ecosystem where fans can invest in creative projects and creators can fund their work without artistic compromise. It aims to unify two worlds, that of artists and that of art consumers, which will enhance the benefits of both parties.

CLAPART is building a completely transparent ecosystem where freedom, communities, and technology give the power of art and creation back to the people. Its mission is to create a revolutionary ecosystem where artists and other creators can finance the production costs of their creations and share the benefits with their fans.


The CLAPART platform


CLAPART is open to integrating artists of every kind, from painters to film directors and musicians to sculptors. It will facilitate fans to invest in tokenized artworks and projects of their favorite artists.

To this end, the Royalty Share Token ($RST) was created, a unit of measure for the tokenized portion of artworks or projects on the platform. Over time, user-owned $RST will return an income from the royalty income generated by the projects in which they have invested.

The Royalty Share Token $RST: When creators fundraise, they are tokenizing up to 80% of their future digital streaming and publishing revenues to be bought by fans on the platform. This enables them to raise funds and gives fans a share of their artwork.

The advantages of the artists who join CLAPART are the fact that they are free to produce their own art, find investors for their project, gain insight into the reception of their art, and get a boost in their community engagement.

The benefits of the fans who will use the CLAPART platform are the opportunity to invest in their favorite art creators, to earn a yield from their art portfolio, to stake $CLP and thus have early access to projects, and to sell items from their portfolio on a secondary market.


The $CLP token


The $CLP token is built on the BEP-20 standard, is fungible, has utility, and is deflationary. The token can be staked, generating rewards, a fact which can be initiated in the CLAPART app. The minimum staking period is 30 days and involves 3 levels, with specific criteria and benefits. The 3 staking levels are described in detail in the CLAPART Whitepaper. The Staking Pool rewards represent 50% of the total token supply and are distributed over 120 months, daily.


The team


The CLAPART core team is composed of Tudor Fornea, CEO, Adrian Stratulat, CIO, Radu Fornea, COO, Alex Radu, CFO, Adrian Teșulă, CTO, Francesco D’Ambrosio, Head of Marketing, Anca Rancea, Head of Communication, Marius Chină, Head of Talent, and Aranka Takacs, Head of Artists. The members of the team stand out because they have decades of experience in the media and entertainment industry, they are successful entrepreneurs, or tech experts and innovators with very high reputation.


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