ARC Stake launches the interactive philanthropic event – Charity Poker Night!

We are happy to announce the launch of a new ARC Stake interactive philanthropic event – Charity Poker Night, whose first edition will take place on February 24! The event will take place at the headquarters of the ARC Stake company, in a specially designed poker studio and in professional playing conditions.


The underlying motivation


The crypto world is a field with great opportunities for builders and investors and we would like to give them the chance to return part of their earnings to those in need. Referring to our own humanitarian experiences, after fighting for the Ukraine, Reheart, Together4Victor and 200 vulnerable children causes, all of which resulted in an uplifting feeling of doing good, we decided to promote a charitable movement within the MultiversX community! Therefore, we propose a series of interactive poker events that aim to help important causes in the MultiversX community, but also to bring builders and members of the ecosystem to the same game table. On this occasion we will get to know each other in person and gather around us more people willing to donate to the registered causes.




There are 9 seats available at the poker game table. Members of the MultiversX community can reserve such a player seat by transferring a minimum of $200 in $EGLD or $USDC to the @arcfoundation herotag.

Assets collected through the registration of the 9 players at the poker table will be distributed after the designation of the winners as follows:

  • 1st prize: 33% of funds collected from registrations (~ $600)
  • 2nd prize: 22% of funds collected from registrations (~ $400)
  • 3rd prize: 11 % of funds collected from registrations (~ $200)
  • The remaining 34% (~ $600) of the funds collected from registrations will be divided equally among the 6 players from places 4-9 in the ranking.

Besides this, donations for all causes are open at the @arcfoundation herotag. Anyone can donate any asset, specifying by text message the charitable cause to which they wish to contribute!


♥️ What are you waiting for? Reserve now a seat at the ARC charity poker table!

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