ARC Stake joins forces with a socially innovative Romanian NGO to improve the chances of 200 vulnerable children 

Today is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Let’s write together a good one! 

As one of the priorities of ARC Stake is to get involved in the community and help where it is really needed, the New Year means for us the long-term commitment to a new charitable cause! We analyzed, we compared, we evaluated and finally chose to support an organization that makes a difference for a large group of disadvantaged children through amazing achievements, year after year: “Asociația De Poveste”! 


About the target group


Children and young people in foster care centers are not, according to a wrong conception, orphaned children, but abandoned children, victims of domestic violence and/or abuses of various types. Above the material aspects related to shelter, food and clothes, for these children the adequate support provided for trauma processing and individual growth is much more important, even vital, to achieve well-being and successful social integration. 


About the “Asociația De Poveste” NGO


The association was founded to support the personal development and social integration of children and young people from foster care centers in Sibiu County. The beneficiaries of the remedial activities are represented by all 200 children from 5 foster care centers in the county. 

The mission to bring relief and growth to this category of deeply disadvantaged children and young people is achieved through: 

  • art, group, and individual therapy sessions 
  • constant support for the fulfillment of school tasks 
  • professional guidance programs 
  • recreational workshops 
  • outings, trips, and camps outside the foster care centers. 

All actions are carried out in collaboration with DGASPC Sibiu. 


Why “Asociația De Poveste”


The NGO is known directly by the members of our team, but also in the entire Sibiu community, through the high dedication to the vulnerable children involved and the fairness in the management of resources. The values ​​they are guided by every step they make are: prudence, integrity, solidarity and responsibility.  

The most convincing evidence regarding the impact on the young beneficiaries are the thousands of hours of art therapy, group and individual psychotherapy provided, the multiple playful experiences offered to children (excursions, camps, outings to the ice rink, etc.), hundreds of hours spent in partner companies for ensuring the much-needed contact with occupations and jobs in the real world. 


The team


The core team of the association is composed of Carmen Butnarașu-Bucșa (President), Claudiu Șolea and Adelina Constantinescu. What is truly magical is the contribution of hundreds of amazing people who chose to help, each with what they can do and give best. We mention here the Fairy Tale Heroes who joined the project, namely the experienced, skilled and dedicated psychologists, but also the 90 fantastic volunteers and many members of outstanding companies! 


Necessary resources


In order to support this life changing project, financial aid, materials necessary to carry out volunteering activities (e.g. stationery products, books, society games, audio-video devices and means, laptops), specific services (e.g. transport, food) or enlisting as a partner are truly useful! 


How you can contribute to the cause


  • Purchase an “ARC racing” NFT – Besides the fact that you will benefit from the multiple utilities by simply owning the NFT, the 20 $EGLD obtained from the sale of the first NFT from this collection will be donated to the cause. Buy here:
  • Crypto donations – Transparently donate EGLD, BTC, ETH, BNB or ESDTs. Any amount is welcome! Do it at the Maiar herotag @arcfoundation, with the associated erd address: erd1ptw2p0mjpsnzhkw3p7mfk97le58lr9m59xs7k76z363rxxruczrs7wfxr5. All collected funds will be transferred to the official crypto wallet of the “Asociația De Poveste” NGO. 
  • Fiat donations – Pay the desired amount you want to donate with the credit card on the official website of the “Asociația De Poveste” NGO, wherever you are: 
  • Become a fundraiser or a partner – We look forward to your generous proposals in this direction, so please write us at 





The official “Asociația De Poveste” NGO links:  

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