ARC Stake partners “Aircraft”, a traditional Romanian game built on Web3

We are happy to announce that we have concluded a partnership with #clubaircraft, a hub of Web3 gaming builders from the MultiversX community, who developed the much-improved Play & Earn version of the traditional Romanian game “Airplanes”! Both parties will mainly provide mutual marketing support.


About the recently emerging Web3 gaming industry


Web3 gaming is a process of decentralizing gaming, where the activities of a gaming ecosystem or a gaming platform, specifically that of the ownership of gaming assets and decision-making in all aspects of gaming, are delegated away from any central authority. Web3 gaming provides fair virtual markets for the gaming industry, where players can access and fully own in-game digital assets. These assets are stored in the form of gaming NFTs and are distinctive.

A game built on Web3 is a digital game which uses the concept of blockchain technology as an underlying component of its economy. In other words, the assets of the game owned by the customers can be in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), semi-fungible tokens (SFTs), and/or fungible tokens (coins). Even more, it allows gamers to express their opinion as to when and how the game should evolve.


The Aircraft game


Aircraft is the new modern retro video game that aims to bridge the advantages of blockchain technology with the classic strategies of the popular game “battleship”, in the simplest possible form, where blockchain knowledge is not needed to play. The “Airvengers” NFT collection plays an important role in this concept and brings benefits regarding both economics and gaming ecosystem.

The game, built on MultiversX and created by #clubaircraft, will give users the finest entertainment, while still providing earnings and ownership. By owning one of the 3790 Airvengers NFTs, you will get premium access to the #clubaircraft and the full gaming package.


The Aircraft Game Modes


  • Player vs. Computer Mode: The player must connect to track his performance and plays against the computer to destroy all its planes. The objective is training for free to gain game experience. The best player of the month gets access to the tournament.


  • Player vs. Player Mode: options included are play for free or play to earn, create a game offer using EGLD/MEX, find an opponent who can offer the same amount, destroy all the opponent’s planes, and claim the reward. The objective is to win the game, to earn. The winner takes the total amount, and the best player of the month gets access to the tournament.


  • Tournament Mode: Only the Aircraft Club members have access (own at least 1 NFT). Options included are buy a ticket, the tournament will begin at a planned time, with a minimum of tickets sold, each player will have one opponent at a time, destroy all the opponent’s planes, and claim the reward. The tickets’ value will be distributed to the winners. 1st place – biggest reward, 2nd & 3rd places are also rewarded. Premium competition for exponential rewards!


The Airvengers NFT collection


The Airvengers are a collection of 3790 unique characters living on MultiversX. An Airvenger NFT is the membership to the premium gaming club, #clubaircraft, where you gain access to exclusive perks:

  • access to tournaments for exponential rewards
  • shared staking reward with clubaircraft members
  • all NFT royalties back to club.




The Aircraft team


The Aircraft team is composed of professionals in the fields of business development, IT, and art. The four members enthusiastically involved in the project are: Alexandru Dobre (project manager), Mădălin Purece (software developer), Gabriel Bîgiu (software developer) and Alexandru Andrei (artist).


⚠️ Important note:

The #AirvengersOG free minting on the MultiversX network will start on December 19 at 18:00 UTC, on There will be 100 NFTs available for mint, 1 NFT maximum for wallet.


The official Aircraft Club links:







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