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We flew from Sibiu to Paris with hopes that X Day will be the event that will quench our thirst of novelty and innovation. And it did not fail to deliver! Before the first day of the conference, we rendezvoused with the Elrond team for a short brief regarding how the event will develop the next days and where we could give a helping hand. We really wanted to be of aid at the X Day event, because we know how complex it is to organize these type of events.


X Day 1


The day came to light early in the morning, when the first attendees started to register for this event. Our team was hands on deployed at the registration office, together with colleagues from the Elrond team, to help everybody enter the event. We had the opportunity to meet and greet literally everyone that joined the event.

When the keynotes started, we soon discovered a new vision for the future of Elrond: 𝐌𝐮𝐥𝐭𝐢𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐬𝐗. We were revealed that from now on, we will operate in the Elrond ecosystem with the xPortal, the xLaunchpad, the xSpotlight, the xExchange, the xBridges, the xMoney, the xFabric and the xWorlds.

It was exciting to hear Beniamin Mincu telling us more about this vision, and where he sees all of us in the future. The whole presentation was held after the keynotes of Jean-Noël Barrot, Minister for Digital Transition and Telecommunications in the government of France and Hasheur, the blockchain ambassador in France. We had the chance to see Lucian Todea explaining the new MEX tokenomics and how it will impact the future of MultiversX, and also important technical improvements delivered by Adrian Dobrita.


X Day 2


This day showed the huge potential of the MultiversX project, a fact recognized by prestigious representatives from various fields: Sebastian Burduja (Minister of Research, Innovation and Digitization in the Government of Romania), Victor Baconnet (Ledger), Julien Maldonato (partner Deloitte France), Herman Necula (Improbable), Susie Batt (Opera), Grigore Rosu (Runtime Verification), David Princay (Binance France), Christian Rau (Mastercard), and Philip Rosedale (SecondLife). The coolest Elrond Network projects presented their innovations: Morningstar Ventures, Holoride, Itheum, Cantina Royale, and Ash Swap. It has been revealed that Hatom Protocol $HTM will be the next xLaunchpad project.


X Day 3


Community driven MultiversX! This was the leitmotif for the last X Day in Paris. We had the chance to see exactly what is behind the projects already running on Elrond and discover what the builders are preparing for us. We assisted to two interesting panels: one was focused on digital collectibles in the Metaverse, and the second on onramps, custody and exchanges. From the new feature of the XOXNO Marketplace, or how Age of Zalmoxis will develop further more, to what the BHero team has in store for us in the future. The last day ended with the community awards voted by the entire MultiversX community, and also some special awards given by the MultiversX. Amongst these special awards, we were honored to be given a special prize for the most helpful team so far. The party following the awards carried on together with the amazing DJ BRU, alongside with Donia Sax. It was a night to remember, which for sure we will never forget!

Special note: because the event was rich in new information, we invite you on Tuesday, 8th of November, at 14:00 UTC, to a live session with the ARC team members who were present in Paris at Palais Brongniart for a talk show. All your questions will be answered by our team!


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