The Sense4FIT $SFIT public sale is in progress on the BHero Launchpad

 We are happy to announce that the public sale of a large-scale project in the Elrond ecosystem is in progress: the public sale of the $SFIT token will take place on the BHero Launchpad platform, between September 26th, when registration & KYC begins, and October 13th, when participants will claim their $SFIT/$EGLD tokens for winning/losing!


About the pioneering Sense4FIT project


Sense4FIT is the first Fit2Earn project in the Elrond ecosystem, which aims to help alleviate the health problems of the contemporary world associated with an unhealthy lifestyle, the most pressing of which are cardiovascular disease and obesity. The remedial aspects targeted by this project with a semi-decentralized approach are physical activities, nutrition, and mindfulness activities. Sense4FIT is in full balance with the current trends of moving physical training from the gym to home and exploits the huge growth potential of fitness apps.


The Proof-of-Activity (PoA) mechanism


The Sense4FIT app uses the Proof-of-Activity mechanism, which ensures that each user is rewarded based on their merit and personal progress, preventing cheating. The application is equipped with very sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms, which will analyze the nutritional side based on the camera to which the user gives permission, but also the side related to movement and sleep, through a fitness tracker.


The Sense4FIT amazing resources for its users


What is extraordinary is the fact that Sense4FIT supports everyone to improve their health, regardless of age, status, or geographical area. This support is valuable and real, through a variety of resources for its users: video workouts, nutrition plans, mindfulness exercises, offline engagement, on-demand coaches, and last but not least, Metaverse workouts. The ultimate goal is to put into action the Fitnessverse, a metaverse dApp that allows people to train freely and easily, anytime and anywhere, the only requirements being to have a VR set and a good internet connection.


The motivational levers: Experience, Energy, Power-ups, and Mystery Boxes


  • Experience/XP is useful for leveling up, only possible when a user has gained on average 65% XP compared to the previous level. The reverse also applies because XP declines for inactivity. It is gained from workouts and challenges, but also from watching ads, or from purchasing power-ups.
  • Energy – To participate in a particular workout or challenge, a user must have an energy level, which is gained based on his rank. Other methods of earning energy are watching ads, power-ups, and referrals.
  • Power-ups help to replenish Energy levels and increase the rank of users in the application. Power-ups are obtained when the goals of workouts are surpassed, or in exchange for $SFIT tokens.
  • Mystery Boxes can be purchased and can provide special power-ups, legendary power-ups, rare power-ups, gold power-ups and silver power-ups.


The revenue streams


The inflow of funds, necessary to sustain the rewards system, will originate in four main sources:

  • NFT sales: NFTs are seen as a gateway to the app, but also a way to access more incentives through NFTs upgrade.
  • Fitness wrist trackers and chest monitors sales: they can be purchased with FIAT, $SFIT tokens or combined.
  • Challenges: before each competition, the involved users will lock their funds. A Challenge Pool will be created, with the funds of users who lose the competition. From these funds, the rewards will be distributed to those who won the challenge.
  • The Sense4FIT platform: the platform will provide users with the Coach-on-Demand service. It will be possible to access top fitness professionals in exchange for payment with the $SFIT token, from which Sense4FIT will retain a percentage, acting as a platform fee.


The $SFIT token


The $SFIT token is at the centerpiece of the Sense4FIT ecosystem and has the following utilities:

  • Governance
  • In app purchases
  • Accrual of protocol revenue
  • Partner discounts
  • Staking
  • Reduced fees compared to other tokens
  • Early access to products and services.




Sense4FIT is pioneering the Move2Earn sector on the Elrond blockchain, adding gamification and incentivizing physical activity as an additional motivation layer for personal growth. It has great potential to revolutionize the wellness industry and help millions of people embrace an active and healthy lifestyle by making fitness fun, exciting, and accessible through gamification, Fit to Earn, competitions with friends, and rewards.


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