ARC Academy is coming in your city

We are thrilled to share with you that ARC Stake launches on July 18 in Sibiu, the hometown of Elrond, the suite of live educational events “Blockchain Adventure”, with experienced and crypto passionate trainers! Our company intends to provide this course in as many cities in the country and abroad.

We live in an age of accelerated change, in which technology plays a central role. In this context, blockchain technology has brought a revolutionary approach to data transmission, storage, and security in recent years. This approach has proven to be widely applicable, creating a major interest, with an impact on the whole world.

The rapid development in the technological field creates discrepancies in the understanding and access of the benefits brought by innovations, between IT specialists and the uninitiated. Observing this context and the growing interest in the blockchain / crypto environment, ARC Stake aims to reduce these discrepancies by organizing educational events in an attractive way.

Our goal is to offer a unique learning and initiation experience in the crypto world by:

  • organizing events with the following components:

– educational, based on content prepared by professionals and modern methods of learning

– socializing and networking, with personalities in the crypto field

– cultural and fun, through concerts and parties

  • development of digital educational materials
  • expanding the ARC Stake community, to facilitate the exchange of information and news.

Arc Academy course sessions cover the most interesting and important topics in the blockchain sphere: network architectures, financial systems, smart contracts, Elrond ecosystem, tokens, NFTs, security, wallets, on-ramp, off-ramp, CEX, DEX, staking, DeFi, financial opportunities, case studies.

The course is an authentic tribute to the vibrant Elrond ecosystem. We embark on this adventure with Andrei Gheorghiu, Radu Nechifor, Cristian Munteanu and Vasile Radu as trainers and guides passionate about the blockchain universe.

“Lifelong learning improves our quality of life and helps us make informed decisions. By setting up the ARC Academy, I am confident that we will make a substantial contribution to raising the level of knowledge in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.”Vasile Radu, Founder & CEO of ARC Stake

To facilitate the communication of news, event planning and participation in them, we have developed a web section dedicated to the ARC Academy, available at:

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