XLauncher and ARC Stake initiate a new launchpad platform on the Elrond Network

We are thrilled to announce ARC Stake’s fully engaged partnership with the XLauncher platform, which intends to be the link between the community and the crypto projects it aims to develop and innovate! The purpose of our association is to perfect our product and push XLauncher to new amazing heights.

We complement each other, fuzing our skills in the fields of technology, advisory and marketing, to achieve a new successful launchpad within the Elrond ecosystem.


About XLauncher


The XLauncher platform pursues to provide a link between blockchain startups and investors. New projects will enjoy funding for their projects, and investors will enjoy early access to projects.

Launching a project through our platform provides a high degree of security for both investors and founders, because we will put in place a rigorous process of verifying projects that want to collaborate with us.

The selection process includes the initial registration form, the team analysis and the project analysis: integrated technology, innovation, tokenomics and utility.


The advantages of the XLauncher platform:


  • you can invest at very affordable prices in crypto projects that are in their initial stages;
  • it assures security, offering a thorough verification of all projects;
  • all projects will be tested before being listed on the platform;
  • projects will benefit from a high level of support (capital financing and marketing campaigns).


The objectives of the XLauncher platform:


  • to attract the best quality projects;
  • to select the projects that add value and develop the crypto industry;
  • to connect with users who want to invest and who support long-term projects;
  • to reach a number of 1-3 projects/month listed on their platform;
  • to work in a transparent manner, by sharing with the community the stages of the selection process.


The XLH token


XLauncher uses the native XLH token for governance. In order to be eligible to participate in the presale rounds of projects, investors must hold the XLH stake token. The more tokens a user has, the higher the maximum allocation. The XLH token will be made accessible to the public via airdrop, three presale rounds and listing on the Maiar Exchange.


The XLH utility


  • Owning XLH conditions access to the new listed projects:

Tier 1 (min 10,000 XLH staked) – can purchase the tokens of the listed project of maximum 1 EGLD;

Tier 2 (min 20,000 XLH staked) – can purchase the tokens of the listed project of maximum 2 EGLD;

Tier 3 (min 50,000 XLH staked) – can purchase the tokens of the listed project of maximum 5 EGLD.

  • 3 stake farms, with attractive %APRs:

Farm 1 – No lockout period;

Farm 2 – Lockout period of 60 days;

Farm 3 – Lockout period of 180 days.

  • X – Staking: a program through which XLauncher partners offer the community a certain fixed number of coins. These tokens will be distributed to those who hold XLH at stake, with coins blocked for 180 days. In addition to these coins from partners, users will also receive an XLH reward related to the farm 3 level.
  • Governance.

Stay connected to our community, to be well informed about the presale rounds and the upcoming project listings!


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