ARC Stake partners Stramosi, a local NFT project supported by @Romania NGO

We are excited to announce that we have established a partnership with Stramosi, a @Romania NGO NFT project! The organization is focused on making known the natural and human beauties of Romania, and last but not least the amazing local folklore. @Romania is an NGO based in Bucharest, Romania, with a mission to accelerate the country’s tourism promotion and develop blockchain-powered tools, which democratize how we plan, book, and travel.


What are Stramosi?


Stramosi is a collection of wacky, unique characters that were inspired by the vibrant folklore of Romania and driven by Elrond’s continuous growth. Stramosi is the first NFT collection offered on Elrond and marks the fusion between blockchain technology, modern art, and historical legacy.


How to get Stramosi


Send an eGLD transaction towards the Stramosi wallet, at @stramosi herotag, and receive Stramosi NFTs in return. Every 1 eGLD transaction will reserve 1 Stramosi NFT. Stramosi were designed as a fun, creative way of supporting innovative projects. They were originally meant to be claimed for free, but with Elrond’s incredibly low cost and fast transaction speed, a large percentage of the collection could be hoarded by only a few people. That’s why was needed to be added a minting fee for each Stramosi. This would ensure a fair distribution, add value and establish a floor price for the entire collection. As Stramosi is on a mission to do good, they are implementing a donation-based reward system. All funds raised will be sent to an NGO that will build cool tech and bring extra adoption to the Elrond ecosystem.


“Stramosi is on a mission to do good. Stramosi aims to bring extra adoption and transactions on Elrond, become the most important NFT project on the platform, and create added value for its holders. Stramosi will also allow the @Romania NGO to build a DAO on top of Elrond, work on a blockchain tourism platform powered by AI, and change the way we promote and visit Romania. We are really glad to have such strong support from Arc Stake and see that they share so many of the same ideals. I believe that with their support we will manage to create extra value for early adopters and build great things on Elrond. Vasile Radu and the entire team at ARC Stake will adopt Stramosi and give them a good home in Sibiu, close to Elrond’s HQ.” (Sabin Stanescu, @Romania NGO CEO)


“Romania is a country endowed with amazing natural resources and a rich folklore, as a sign of an extremely creative people. ARC Stake is eager to support authentic Romanian values, such as the Stramosi project. Our company is committed to make the Stramosi project known on their social media channels and also to reserve Stramosi NFTs for their team. Through these actions, we aim to bring growth to Romania, by promoting tourism and a positive image everywhere in the world.” (Vasile Radu, ARC Stake CEO)


@Romania NGO and Stramosi are present in the web space at the following locations. Visit and follow them!

  • Websites:

  • Social media channels:

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