Phase3 Road to Full Decentralization

Dear ARC Stake community members, we want to thank you for the awesome support and positive energy we got from you so far.

We committed from the beginning to work in a transparent and open way, so we want to share with you the Elrond Staking Phase3 Delegation Strategy as well as the challenges that are coming our way.

As an early technology supporter and partner in the Elrond ecosystem, we’ve been challenged by Elrond to not only support the network by running nodes for our community, but also help accelerate the #hypergrowth in terms of developing new useful tools for the entire Elrond Ecosystem.

This is an honoring challenge for us and at the same time for you, our delegation community.

Taking up this great challenge means we need to grow, to allocate more technical resources, in order to meet the expectations.

Therefore, our delegation strategy is changing, as follows:

1. Agency Fee will be set to 15%
2. We will set a delegation cap to 200k/250k eGLD to accomodate all our pre-registered amounts
3. We will limit the allowed top-up stake, in this way ensuring that your APR% as delegator will virtually be the same.

As an example, for the most plausible scenario, with 10mil. eGLD staked:

  • Estimated Delegation APR% before this change (5.74% fee, unlimited topups): 18.40% (this is the APR% after fees were deducted)
  • Estimated Delegation APR% after this change (15% fee, limited topups): 18.03% (this is the APR% after fees were deducted)

True decentralization starts now:

  • node network growth
  • new software products
  • technical support
  • community support

With this approach we will succeed to maintain the same APR% for you as delegator, while ensuring increased resources to support the Elrond #hypergrowth.

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