Q: How can I delegate with ARC Stake?

A: You can delegate from:

  1.  delegate.arcstake.com
  2. Maiar (app will be updated soon)

Until Maiar will be updated to support delegating with us, is recommended that you import your Maiar wallet into a keystore file that can be used on the Web Wallet. Detailed article here.

Q: What is ARC Stake’s agency fee?

A: The agency’s fee is 15%.

Q: How is the agency’s fee applied?

A: The agency’s fee is applied to the rewards that your delegation yied. For example: If you delegate 100 eGLD for one year and the rewards provided by the Elrond protocol is around 24.4 eGLD, the agency fee is 3.66 eGLD for the entire year. You will receive ~20.74 eGLD as delegation rewards during the year.

Q: How is APR% calculated after Phase3 starts?

A: The Elrond Protocol APR% for validator nodes is around 24.4% when 3200 nodes x 2500 eGLD  = 8.000.000 eGLD are staked. After applying the agency’s fee, you as delegator should receive ~12-17%.

Q: Is the 20.74% APR fixed?

A: The 20.74% APR is calculated in the scenario when a total of 8.000.000 eGLD is staked / delegated. If the amount staked is higher, the APR% will be lower and vice-versa, when the total staked amount is lower, the APR% will be higher.

Q: When are rewards distributed?

A: The rewards are distributed on a daily basis at epoch change (around 14:30 UTC). Each time you want to have the rewards available, you will need to claim them. Claiming takes a few seconds and a small transaction fee.

Q: How secure is delegating with ARC Stake?

A: Delegating with ARC Stake is done through the Delegation Manager Smart Contract. You are not sending your funds to ARC Stake. Instead eGLD is being sent to an Elrond System SmartContract, with which you can interact whenever you need to:

  • claim rewards
  • redelegate
  • undelegate
Q: How long does it take to undelegate?

A: After you initiate the undelegate action, your funds will still be locked for another 10 days. During the undelegating period, your delegated amounts will not yield results.

Q: Can I stake using Ledger?

A: Yes, the Delegation Manager https://delegate.arcstake.com/ allows delegating using Ledger.

Q: What is the purpose of pre-registering?

A: Pre-registration allows us to plan our node resources for the Phase3’s start. It also ensures you will get via email the most important notifications about Elrond Phase3.

Q: I am in Elrond Active Delegation. What do I need to do to delegate to ARC Stake?

A: If you are intending to delegate to our SmartContract, you will need to:

  • withdraw your delegation from Elrond
  • wait 10 days until delegation is complete and finalize withdrawal
  • delegate on https://delegate.arcstake.com
Q: Why should I undelegate from Elrond Active Delegation?

A: The Elrond Network is in a decentralization process. The Elrond Team encourages the community to run nodes on their own. When this is not possible due to financial or technical limitations, Staking Providers like ARC Stake will support you earn rewards in exchange for a small fee.

Q: Is it possible to test delegating to ARC Stake before Phase3 starts?

A: Yes, our Delegation Manager is currently connected to the Elrond TestNet and delegation can be performed using test xEGLD tokens.

Q: Why do I need a TestNet Wallet?

A: It is recommended that you participate in testing new features and get yourself familiarized with new processes on the Elrond Network. Creating a TestNet wallet only for this purpose is the recommended way. You should keep your MainNet Wallet in a very secure place, but use the TestNet Wallet in a more relaxed way.

Q: Ok, I’m still stuck. What now?

A: Ask any additional question on our Telegram Channel: https://t.me/arcstake

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