How to delegate by using the MultiversX Delegation Manager

1. Access, then click on the desired login method:



2. You can log in by using the Keystore File and the corresponding password for the MultiversX Web Wallet:



3. Welcome to Delegation Manager dashboard! You are now able to visualize the amount of  $EGLD which you deposited in your Active Delegation and your Claimable Rewards:



4. Now access the “Delegate” button, write down the amount of $EGLD you want to delegate, then click on “Submit”:



5. Re-enter your password in order to confirm your transaction and click on the “Access Wallet” button:



6. Review and confirm your request! At this stage, you are able to visualize the amount of the $EGLD you delegated:



7. A track of your transaction will appear:



8. Navigate again on the “Delegation Manager” dashboard and check the updated status of your account:




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