Delegating eGLD with ARC Stake

Benefits of staking Elrond eGLD with ARC Stake.

ARC Staking Solutions helps investors and regular token holders to profit off their Elrond crypto assets.

The way we deploy infrastructure and technology makes us one of the most competitive staking providers for the Elrond Blockchain. By optimizing costs we ensure our delegators high returns on their delegated amounts.

In addition most of the profit earned from delegation services is reinvested in allocating resources to develop new tools and new technologies that will support the Elrond ecosystem and hypergrowth.

Stability & Scalability

We are a proven staking agency in terms of node operation stability and scalability. We have already contributed with monitoring and automation tools for the entire Elrond Validators community.

High Security

We put security first. Our infrastructure and resources are deployed and configured using best practices to avoid any service disruption.

Best Performance

Constantly investing in new hardware and software enables us to achieve and maintain the highest node ratings.

Community Support

Staking with us will mean that the entire Elrond community and ecosystem will benefit from our support.

  • Staking on Elrond with ARC Staking brings benefits to the entire Elrond Community
  • ARCStake supports the Elrond ecosystem by developing useful applications and tools  Zabbix Monitoring Plugin  Automation Scripts  Elrond Node Manager  Blockchain Interaction API’s  * On-Chain Data extraction API’s and UI
  • Advantage of staking with a deep technical focused company (more than 20 years in the IT industry)

24/7 Support

We are open 24/7 for support related to your staking investment. Use our channels in the contact section to reach us.

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