Elrond Nodes Redundancy

Dear ARC Stake community members,

Following our commitment to offer professsional staking services and sustain the Elrond #hypergrowth, we are proud to announce our decision to deploy additional nodes and run them in a failover configuration, provided by the protocol built-in nodes redundancy feature.

What does this mean for our delegators?

Adding nodes in a failover configuration, on top of our already high-availability infrastructure, brings:

  • 100% availability of the Elrond Node Validation Services
  • Maximized APY%
  • Insurance that no reward is being lost part of the Elrond Validation Process


  • Run up to 80 primary nodes for our community (required to sustain the 200.000 eGLD estimated base stake amounts)
  • Run 80 additional nodes configured as fail-over nodes


  1. 2021 March, 7 – Deploy 80 nodes for our community – COMPLETED
  2. 2021 March, 15 – Deploy 20 additional nodes as spare and get ready for node redundancy tests on the MainNet – COMPLETED
  3. 2020 April, 5 – Deploy and configure node redundancy for up to 40 nodes
  4. 2021 April, 30 – Deploy and configure node redundancy for all ARC Stake nodes part of the base stake and validators queue

Happy staking with ARC Stake!

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