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1. Node & Blockchain Zabbix Monitoring Plugin

One of the first products built by us for the Elrond Validators Community is the Zabbix Monitoring Plugin.

Monitoring nodes’ performance, internal data and overall blockhain statistics is critical for maintaining a detailed but also a hollistic view on the nodes being run by a validator, so we’ve delivered a full-feature plugin, in addition with the necessary Zabbix Templates.

Technologies: Perl, Bash, Zabbix Templating


Our friends at PalmTree Network have covered the plug-in in a great tutorial:

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2. Elrond MainNet Public API

Interacting with the Elrond blockchain is done via Observers in different shards. The complexity of deciding where to send transactions when it comes to sending/receiving eGLD and interacting with a SmartContract was simplified by the Elrond Team with the delivery of a Proxy Application. We’ve deployed such an instance for the MainNet on our infrastructure to support the Elrond Builders community and to sustain the #hypergrowth of the network.

Quick Test API URL:
Rate Limits: 1000 requests / second

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3. ARC Stake Elrond Wallet

We’ve started building an alternative to the Elrond Web Wallet. The objective is to provide another entry to the Elrond Blockchain and to help onboarding the next billion of people that are going to use eGLD. Features:

  • sending / receiving eGLD
  • exporting transactions list
  • delegating with ARC Stake
  • interacting with future ARC Stake Products & Services

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4. Delegation Manager

We’ve already set up our test version of the recently released Delegation Manager from Elrond. You can try using it here, to get a feeling about how easy it is to engage with our delegation services, in a completely trustless and non-custodial manner.




Projects on our RoadMap


1. Elrond Extended API

We are planning to build on top of the existing Elrond Proxy and to provide additional features for future developers:

  • price information
  • blockchain advanced statistics
  • aggregated data for reporting

2. ENM – Elrond Nodes Manager

Running multiple nodes can be a challenge. We want to use our experience gained during the last year building and running nodes on Elrond to make running nodes as easy as sending eGLD. ENM will be a web-based application, with at least the following features we have on our radar:

  • spinning up new nodes
  • starting/stopping nodes
  • upgrading nodes
  • switching validator node keys with observers that are ready to take out the validator role on a specific shard
  • monitoring and notification capabilities

3. ASP .NET Core Library

We plan to build an ASP .NET Core Library that will help developers to interact with the Elrond Blockchain from any API or application built on the ASP .NET Core stack. Features we have on our radar:

  • sending / receiving eGLD
  • getting blockchain/address/SC stats
  • out-of-the-box SC interactions

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