ARC Stake shakes hands with MADZ Alpacas, concluding a new partnership

We are very thrilled about the new “acquisition” in terms of partnerships, namely the collaborative relationship with MADZ Studios, that we have established recently. Our joint plans include mutual marketing promotion activities, the organization of “NFT events”, and many others, which will be disclosed along the way!


An exceptional background


The MADZ Studios BRAZIL Roadmap, relating to Q1 2022, had as very successful achievements the private sale on January 29, resulting in the sale of approximately 500 NFTs in just 3 minutes, and the MADZ Supercar Rally event from March 16-18. The rally event led to the sale of 30 NFTs, which allowed their buyers to participate at a premiere NFT rally experience in Europe with supercars, for three days, in three cities: Cluj, Sibiu and Brașov.

Also, in collaboration with, MADZ Studios designed a limited-edition keyboard featuring a scene from MADZ Comics Act 1. The number of custom keyboards was 20 pieces and a part of them were distributed as giveaways to the MADZ community and QwertyKey community.

First Romanian NFT Exhibition on Canvas curated by MADZ Studios took place at Iulius Mall Cluj-Napoca on 7th of May 2022, featuring MADZ Alpacas, Elrond Moon Mission, and Elrond Foxes Club NFT Collections. The NFT exhibition was available to visit between 7th and 10th of May 2022, when a lot of people had interest in learning about NFTs and crypto space. At the NFT exhibition, in premiere for QwertyKey, the MADZ x QwertyKey limited edition keyboard was displayed as a piece of art.


The MADZ Alpacas NFT collection


MADZ Alpacas is a 3.333 custom unique hand drawn NFTs collection! What will impress you with this collection is the burst of creativity and sense of humor, grafted onto authentic art. A MADZ Alpacas NFT represents not just another JPEG, but an exclusive unique piece of art. There are 6 base species of Alpacas in this collection, with more than 150 unique traits.


The MADZ Alpacas NFTs utilities


The utilities of the NFTs in this collection will bring you the following benefits:

  • Exclusive unique value through unicity;
  • Matrix machine: a function which allows you to create new NFTs, without extra spending;
  • NFT airdrop: every Alpaca owner will recieve at least 1 FREE NFT from the next collection;
  • Deflationary mechanism: it improves the intrinsic value of your NFTs;
  • Ever-involving roadmap: DAO development, namely the MADZ Alpacas owners will decide the future development of the project.


The MADZ Alpacas Comics Act 2


After creating the first act of the MADZ Alpacas comic book this year, with a thrilling story about two brothers, the MADZ Studios team is preparing act 2, which will be at least as captivating. MADZ Comics Act 2 will have 2 to 3 episodes, with 8-12 pages per episode. Next comic book release date will be announced after the next MADZ collection will be developed.




The “Matrix machine” is a concept which arised after the first draft of the comic book story script. Considering that there will be depictions of different ages throughout the pages, the team thought it would be interesting to have a similar “event”, where holders could create those versions for themselves. And so, the three main concepts of diversification appeared: Baby, Teen, Buff.

The holders should have on one hand the ability to change two NFTs of a lower rank for a new one from said collection, and on the other hand, be able to purchase an item which could change a chosen NFT into a new one. A choice, like in The Matrix. So, why not go all the way through the rabbit whole and make said unique item into a pill?

The Matrix Machine will allow users to burn low rank NFTs, decreasing the supply and increasing the rarity of certain assets, which hopefully will then bring in more publicity to the project, which will bring more community members, which will then increase the floor price of both collections and doing so bringing more investors and potential collaborators, bringing then more benefits to the holders and the collection and so on and so forth.

Because we are all facing a bear market, the team alongside the community decided to launch only one of those matrix machines, the Baby versions of the Alpacas, with a supply of 333 NFTs. Half of those NFTs will be acquired by burning two Alpaca NFTs, while the other half will be created with one Alpaca NFT and a special baby pill, leaving the one and only Rank 1, an NFT created with the help of the community in some livestreams, to be acquired either way.

The actual status of the Baby Alpaca is still in development, new updates coming up soon and a Baby Alpaca mint is coming in the next weeks!


The MADZ Studios team


The MADZ Alpacas team is composed of six members qualified in the field of tech and digital products, who complement each other very well in terms of knowledge and skills: Dennis Hămbășan (CEO & Co-Founder), David Fodorean (Lead Digital Artist), Marius Cadiș (Marketing Lead & Co-Founder), Sergiu Dan (Product Designer & Co-Founder), Daniel Boica (Lead Storyteller) and Sergiu Fălcușan (Blockchain Developer – Advisor).




  • 3 New Strong Partnerships by the end of October 2022
  • NFTs & Coffee October Event at Cluj-Napoca
  • MADZ – Baby Alpaca 333 NFTs collection
  • MADZ Comics ACT 2 – Comic Book development
  • MADZ World – 2nd collection development starting with 2023


The official MADZ Alpacas links:








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